DIY Metal Roofing Installation – Frequently Asked Questions

You want to embark on a DIY metal roofing project, but you still have some questions? Never fear…you can install your own roof! Before you get started, read this article to find out the answers!

1. Do I need any special tools?
Not really. Most metal roofing and even metal siding can be installed using the tools you probably have already lying around the garage or shed. You will likely need a screw gun, metal snips, a hammer, a chalk line, a tape measure and a caulk gun.

A new roof comes at a price, so if you are considering building a home starting from scratch or if you need a whole new roof, roofing isn’t something you want to take any chances with. We are a trustworthy company that believes in giving nothing less the best residential roofing services to your house. Elite Roofing Halifax offer both residential and commercial roofing customers our top-quality roofing services from our specialized Halifax roofing experts.

If you need to cut metal panels, then you can do it with a circular saw, with a metal-cutting abrasive blade. If you have an electric metal shear, though, that is a better option. Either will work. You can get a shear attachment for your electric drill as well, and that works. Make sure it has a nice, deep throat so it can pass through any high ribbing on the panels easily.

A nibbler can be a huge help as well. Rather than buy one, get a nibbler attachment for your electric drill. Nibblers let you cut across corrugation, and cut curved lines around vent pipes and other things.

If you are installing a standing seam roof system, you will need cutting tools, either hand or mechanical, that are found at most hardware stores.

Elite Roofing Halifax offer a multitude of benefits for protecting your roof from snow and ice build-up. There is essentially now here for the water to accumulate and gain entry. Compared with shingles, which have a 2-inch coverage, a metal roof has a 100% coverage so water cannot back up and enter your home. Roof installation durable products have experienced dramatic growth in popularity in the past decade. Fire-resistant qualities, longevity, and speed of installation are among the reasons why our customers prefer them.

2. How do I install metal roof panels?
It’s really up to you. You can use nails, or you can use screws. Match the color of the nails or screws to the color of your roof.

If you are using nails, you need to drive them into the high rib of the panel. Screw fasteners are usually preferred over nails, however, as they have better resistance to pull-out and are more weather-tight. If you use screw fasteners, they must go into the flat part of the panel. Space them about 24 inches on center.

You should definitely hire a professional Elite Roofing Halifax when you intend to install a new roof or even repair an existing roof. Getting ripped off may be an issue for some consumers, while getting a poor job maybe another. You may even be the victim of a no-show by a contractor. You should ask these questions to ensure they are knowledgeable about their responsibilities to you and look for the answers you need before hiring them.

3. Do I need any kind of membrane or underlay?
You do need some sort of underlay in order to protect against the elements…you don’t want leaks! Using a synthetic underlayment is your best choice against water. In a valley condition, make sure your underlayments is of very high quality.

At the eave, use a peel and stick rubber underlayment. This will help keep water from infiltrating the roof because of ice damming. You should also use peel and stick rubber on very low slopes, wherever the metal panels aren’t sealed at the side laps, and 24 inches past the exterior wall in a northern climate.

Do it-yourself metal roofing installation can be a lot of fun…it is rewarding to stand back and see that you have installed an entire roof on your own! Just make sure that you follow all of the instructions you have been given, or do your due diligence before you start so you know what you need to watch out for and what you need to do in order to make sure your installation is safe, secure and will stand up to the elements.

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